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Chiptuning at Chargertech is always custom made for your car and made to your wishes! For most cars we offer custom made software at prices starting from 249€!

The following pages give an idea of how much extra horsepower and torque can safely be reached from a stock engine. If your car isn’t in these lists please let us know and recieve an offer specifically for your car!

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What is chiptuning?

Chiptuning is currently the most used tuning option for getting more power from your car. By modifying the engine management software it’s possible to get more power and lower fuel consumption from your engine. As most of the processes within a engine are nowadays controlled by the ECU this offers many possibilities for adjusting settings to best fit your needs.

The most important data to be changed are the amount of air, fuel and ignition time. By increasing the amount of air, more fuel can be burned which increases the car’s horsepower. By moving the moment of detonation forward the effectiveness of the combustion can be increased which also increases the amount of horsepower. Increasing the amount of air into the engine can be changed the easiest by increasing the turbo pressure. For cars without a turbo there sometimes are some other possibilities, like valve timing, to get more air into the engine but in most cases the power gains for these cars are limited to 8%. For turbo cars the amount of power that can be gained depends on the capabilities of the turbo and engine. In most cases the power gains are around 30% but there are cases where up to 80% more can be rached!

A proper chiptuning does do more then just increasing these values. The amount of air and fuel need to be tuned to eachother for a maximum efficiency and the range of a lot of the sensors will have to be tuned to the different situation.

How is chiptuning possible?

When a manufacturer designs a car they don’t want it to brake down, even when it gets abused, therefore the most manufacturers use large safety margins to prevent this from hapening. When someone does treat his car right, maintains it properly and always makes sure the engine is warm before using most power the manufacturers safety margin can be decreased.

Globally there is a lot of difference in fuel quality available at the pump. When setting up a car the manufacturer has to make sure it runs properly on all these different qualities. If the car is only used in Western-Europe this also offers an extra safe marging for increasing the horsepower.

A third reason (and the one that gives the most extreme power gains) is that many manufacturers currently offer the same identical engine but with different power levels. An identical engine with identical turbo and sensors with only the software used as difference. If an engine with this kind of engine is tuned it can be tuned to the highest supplied level but on top of this the above two reasons can also be applied to increase the power gain even more.

What are the possibilities?

The power gains mentioned on the other pages are based on a compromise between a nice power gain and a lower fuel consumption. There is a possibility to slightly increase the power output but this will go at the cost of fuel consumption. It’s also possible to make the car extra fuel efficient but that will decrease the power gains. There are several other possibilities via chiptuning:

  • Close of EGR
  • Remove DPF
  • Removing errors
  • Speed limiters, increasing, lowering or removing
  • RPM limiters increasing or lowering
  • Shut off sensors
  • Calibration after mechanical adjustments (downpipe, intercooler, different turbo, cam shafts etc.)

EGR, DPF, Catalyst

As previously mentioned chiptuning can also be used to shut down and remove specific parts and sensors. This could also save a lot of money when some parts are failing. An EGR-valve can easily set you back a few hundred euro, a catalyst will easily go past 500€ and the diesel particulate filter is over 1000€.

By removing the functionality of these parts from the engine management it’s possible to mechanically remove these parts and not having to put them back on. In most cases removing these parts is also better for fuel consumption and power output.

US cars

As one of just a few Dutch tuners we have the equipment to also tune various cars from the US market. Most of these vehicles don’t have a turbo but as they are tuned to a lower octane number there are often interesting power gains still possible. Besides increasing the power the engine will feel more active and awake. By also combining this with a different setting of the automatic transmission the car will much better fit the European rood use. Another modification we often do is raising the speed limiter which is at 100 Mile / 160KMH on a lot of vehicles.

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