Turbo installation

Turbochargers are an important part of Chargertech’s expertise. Both standard turbos and their revision, upgrading turbos and the delivery of turbos and turbochits are possible!


A turbo consists of 2 impeller wheels, the first impeller (turbine wheel) is part of the exhaust and is rotated by the exhaust gas stream. By means of a shaft it is connected to a second impeller (compressor wheel) which is located in the engine suction tube. The compressor wheel in the suction tube will rotate, causing more air to move towards the engine. By pumping more air into the engine, more fuel can also be burned, which increases the engine’s power.

The air pumped into the engine by the turbo is then used again in the exhaust to drive the turbine wheel into the exhaust. This means that the turbo drives itself and drives faster and faster and builds more pressure. To control the pressure, most turbos are equipped with a wastegate that opens a bypass in the exhaust so that all exhaust gases are no longer used to drive the turbo further.


Every time more cars are operated with a turbo. A turbo boosts the efficiency, allowing a smaller engine to deliver comparable performance. Turbo’s, like all other moving parts, are subject to wear. When a turbo is adjustable, it can be replaced for a new turbo, but in many cases revision is a lot cheaper.

Via Chargertech it is possible to have your turbo revised, for a quote you can always contact us!

Turbo upgrade

In addition to revising a turbo there is also an opportunity to improve the turbo itself. The first step here is a Stage 1 optimization, where the bearing is optimized wherever possible, and another compressor wheel is used on the inlet side. This compressor wheel is CNC milled and optimized for higher power. This compressor wheel is also lighter, which also makes it easier for the turbo to flush and ultimately also get a higher pressure.

In a stage 2 upgrade, an even larger compressor wheel is used than in the stage 1 upgrade, so that this standard no longer fits inside the original house. An expert reviews how far the house can be safely adjusted to accommodate a larger compressor wheel. By means of CNC technology, the house is then adjusted to accommodate as much wheel as possible.

The major advantage of this upgrade versus another heavier turbo installation is that all connections are the same. In addition to engine management, there is no need to adjust or adjust! The difference in yield differs from this adjustment per turbo, but at an internship 1 upgrade usually is between 10 and 15% and with a 2-step upgrade between 20 and 30%. In addition, the cost of such an upgrade is also lower than with a heavier turbo and, in comparison, the turbo also takes on a lower speed.

Interested in executing your turbo with a stage 1 or stage 2 tuning? Contact us!


If the profit with the above turbo upgrades is insufficient or there is no turbo on the car, we can also supply many different models of turbocharges. Due to the extremely high revolutions that turn a turbo, a small imbalance can already cause major problems, if one of the vanes touching the turbo can break down, break down these parts and suck the engine even to ensure that There should be a whole new engine. For this reason, we only work with recognized reliable brands for our turbos.

After selecting a particular series of turbos, a large number of different models and designs can be selected in the drop-down menu. Any accessories such as flanges, gaskets, oil and water connection parts are listed separately.

There are many different models of turbo’s with a specific work area, if you have any doubts about what your application would be the best turbo we would like to hear about your project and wishes and we will be happy to help you!

Turbo sets

If there is no turbo on a car then the installation has more feet in the ground than just a turbo position, the exhaust and inlet systems have to be adjusted as well as the adjustment of the car. Depending on the power, adjustments to the engine itself are also required. The differences per project are large and, for the best advice, we would like to see each project separately. Even if not all parts are online, we can deliver a lot of this.

Would you like advice or are you looking for items that are not online? We are happy to assist you!